Sunday, November 23, 2008

An update of puppies

Uno, Teddy and their mother Ribbon.

Mandi gaiting in Cumberland; she took a reserve that weekend. Couldn't catch her in the right phase of her trot!
Painter gaiting at the Cumberland shows last month. He has his first Championship points from that show weekend.

Gabby her and above, at the Carolina ASC shows in October; a reserve to majors and showed well. Very pretty outline, looking like a showdog!
It has been a very long time since I posted any new puppy pictures and they are growing fast; 10 months old, at this point. I haven't seen Gabby or pictures of her, nor Gracie, but I have seen Teddy pictures, and saw Uno, and I saw both Mandi and Painter at a dog show last month. In fact Painter has his first points and Mandi showed well and garnered a reserve. In addition she has her CGC (AKC's Canine Good Citizen title) and has started training in agility.
Gabby has her CGC now too, as well as her Herding Instinct test and a UKC Championship! So the babies have been busy.
Anyway here are a couple of pictures; hope to see more and post them soon.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Painter stacked

Mandi stacked

I saw Mandi (Ribbonette from Ribbon's litter) and Painter (Coal). Mandi is her mother's daughter for sure, in body shape. Painter is a handsome fellow as well. Both move really beautifully and have great personalities. They will debut in the show ring in a couple of weeks in Cumberland MD.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Painter pictures

I don't know what his registered name is but here is Painter, the black boy of Ribbon's litter, at about 6 months. Looking very pretty. I haven't seen him in person yet but hope to soon.

The sunset picture is Gabby, Painter's sister.

The creamy boy is Uno. I will see all yellow puppers again in a week or so and will post new pictures of them after that.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Some new pictures of the little darlings (or some of them, at least)

OK, so here are some updated photos from this month. Puppies are 6 months old. Mandi in blue, and Teddy with Encore the Sheltie (all 8 legs off the ground as far as I can tell) and the portrait is of Uno. Hoping to see Gracie soon, and to see photos of the black puppies at some point!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gabby at 5.5 months

Saw Gabby this past weekend and she is very pretty, shaped a lot like her mother. She won Best of Breed Puppy at our Blue Ridge Australian Shepherd Club show in Weyer's Cave one of the shows and had fun all weekend playing with her mother Ribbon. She is all legs at present, as one would expect at this age, but she has a great temperament and promises to be a good girl as she grows up. Here she is in the field behind the show site.

Also showed Ribbon and Gabby's mom Stephanie took her into the ring for me since I was doing judge stuff for that show; she went Best Opp to a very nice male Special twice this weekend (neither time with me handling, go figure!). Anyway here are Stephanie and Ribbon!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Updated photos

Saw Teddy and Uno on different days last week and so now everyon is represented by some recent photos.

Teddy went for an impromptu swim in the water garden that his mother falls into accidentally-on-purpose on a regular basis.

Uno shows off his ever-changing ears. Everyone is healthy, happy, and looking great.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New pictures

This is Gabby at 4.5 months

And this is Gracie. I saw her today and she is beautiful as always even with her ears going all kerflooey! Teething time is here and with it comes all manner of eccentric and changing ear-do's in Aussies.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

About time to see what these puppies look like!

So here are some of the puppies at 4.5 months. Thanks to their mommies for the new pictures!

Painter is the black tri boy (formerly Coal) and he is looking handsome indeed. The blue girl is Mandi (formerly Ribbonette) and she is certainly favoring her mother.

This is future MIT scholarship winner Uno, showing off his down-stay. He is an accomplished horse dog, diver, and all around SmartyPants. :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Saw the blonde puppies this past couple of days but completely forgot to get new pictures of beautiful bad Gracie! Will remedy this as soon as I can, either when I see her next or when her mommy takes new pictures. Not sure when I might get to see the other puppies, hoped to see the black boy Painter or the blue girl Mandi also but didn't get the chance; hope to see them somewhere else soon.
At any rate those I saw and visited are growing, active (rambunctious), smart, and wonderful, and are learning very fast. From the top:

Uno playing with his Mommy up at Westminster yesterday, and
Two of Teddy: with his Mommy and a portrait of him alone.
Ribbon is 14 weeks post-puppy and has less hair than I have ever seen her wearing; she is looking pretty sparse and will look a lot better once the hair starts growing back. This is normal with new mothers and takes a couple of months before they grow a nice coat. Hope to get her back into the ring later in the summer, but will have to see how she looks!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Finally, updated puppy pictures!

I was able to see Gracie, and Teddy recently and Gabby's and Uno's newest pictures were sent to me too, and everyone is growing very fast.

Top is Uno, after swimming at the beach.
Second is Gabby, looking very pretty in her profile with toy.
Third is Teddy in profile, after a good run with his mommy last week.
Fourth is Gracie in her back yard.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Well, time I posted some news and new puppy photos, and will add more when I get updated pictures. The puppies are now about 12 weeks old and growing like weeds. Here are a few:
1)Uno is on his mommy's bed, taking in the scenery on the eastern shore;
2)Gracie is in her back yard playing in the new grass;
3)The whole lot of them on their last day here before going to their new homes;
4)And 'Painter' (the new name for the black boy) and 'Mandi' (the blue girl's new name) with their mommies, in front of their training facility. Or at least their club's facility.

Everyone is growing up fast. I should have a picture of Teddy soon, when I can get over to see him.

Friday, March 28, 2008

A Day outdoors, 6 weeks old

Coal practising his stack

Fizz and her dressage moves (with Ribbonette)

Linda & Uno, tired from playing for an hour

Gracie and Lisa, saying hello to Jill!

Ribbonette practising HER stack

Teddy tired too

Thursday, March 20, 2008

CK and Uno

Uno and his litter mates are now 5 weeks old. They go outside for brief periods under close supervision and are being weaned. They can go from deep sleep to mach speed in short seconds and back again just as quickly. This is a fun age, they change every day. Uno looks sleepy here but this was a brief respite from his running on the floor and exploring the landscape of the studio.


Gracie just woke up and she is considering her next move. I was unable to catch that move on camera!


Fizz knows how to relax. Amazing how they can just crash when they need to.


'Shine' became Teddy because he really is a teddy bear face. He is the sweetest, most people-oriented puppy in this people-oriented litter. He lies cradled in your arms on his back, gazing up at you with, well, whatever it is puppies gaze up at you with. He also tries to jump into your arms and lap, just like his mother Ribbon did as a baby; she now jumps into my arms when I am standing upright.
He is still available for the perfect home.